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Posted by epropertystore_editor on February 21, 2017
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Buyer Question: Can I get a visa if I buy a property in Dubai?

Wondering if you can obtain a residency visa with the purchase of a property in Dubai? Well, we’re here to help! Below we listed the things you need to know about the options that are available for you.

Types of Visas

There are two types of visas available for property investors in Dubai.

  1. Property Investor Visa (2-year renewable visa)
  • This visa is issued by the Dubai Land Department and is renewable every two years. With this visa, you become a UAE resident meaning you can get an Emirates ID, UAE driving license and sponsor family as well.
  1. Six Months Residency Visa (Multi-entry Visa)
  • This visa on the other hand issued by the relevant Immigration Authority is a visitor visa which allows the investor with multiple entries to the UAE. This visa is renewable every six months and valid for properties in all Seven Emirates.

Requirements for Visa Eligibility

  1. Both visa options require that the property value must be Dh1 million or more. Properties with multiple owners must cost Dh1 million per shareholder. This Dh1 million is also only applied to one title deed so you cannot consolidate all of your investments in order to try to obtain an investor visa.
  2. Visas for off plan properties are not possible. The respective visas also only apply to freehold properties.
  3. Only residential properties are permitted for the purposes of the visas. Commercial projects are not allowed and in addition with this Property must be finished and suitable to live in.
  4. Costs

Property Investor Visa – Approximately Dh8500 for Dubai Land Department plus immigration costs.

Six Month Residency Visa – Approximately Dh2,500. However, this visa must be renewed every six months.

Documents Needed

  1. Title Deed on the property
  2. Passport copy of the applicant
  3. Passport photos (x6)
  4. Copy of Current Visa
  5. Certificate of good conduct from the department of police
  6. Bank Statements
  7. Utility Bill

Note: Employment is not possible as they are purely for residency purposes only. Also, neither visa option provides citizenship to the UAE.

There is no maximum term – but the investor on the Property Investor Visa must not spend more than six consecutive months outside of Dubai.

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